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Furniture Fittings

Furniture units add the much needed augmentation and convenience to any interior space. But what truly contributes to the functionality of a furniture piece is the mix of fittings that hold the furniture together.

Häfele’s assortment of furniture fittings is backed by years of research and up-to-date technical expertise, encompassing only such trends and innovations that are reigning globally. We bring to you, our competent range of furniture fittings that holistically meets every requirement of every home. Häfele’s solution based approach is reinforced by a strong service package, where our specialists are by your side to aid and guide you at every step - right from designing and selection to installation and after-sales support.

Through our range, we offer you more than 4000 individual fittings for furniture, each holding the competence of superior quality and the convenience of unmatched functionality!

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Handles & Knobs

A handle / knob accomplishes a lot more than simply performing its function and it is precisely this quality that Häfele’s collection of handles and knobs aims to place within reach of its customers. Intensive market research, innovative ideas, ergonomics and reliable technology has made way to create a timeless collection specially engineered by Häfele. Decisively focusing on the market, Häfele’s collection of furniture handles and knobs provides the basis for individualizing furniture in line with the latest trends.

Häfele’s collection consists of furniture handles and knobs made of materials like Zinc Alloy, Aluminium, Stainless Steel Grade 304, Leather and Wood. The handles are available in an array of finishes and are equipped with exclusive state-of-the-art designs that scream functionality.

Häfele’s collection is further segregated into general, designer, flush, inset and kids handles / knobs to cater to the diverse sensibilities of its customers.

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Knockdown Connectors and Shelf-supports

Furniture connectors represent furniture functionality by connecting planks of wood and giving a piece of furniture shape, function and life!

Häfele’s Minifix connector is a patented technology and comes with years of research and technical expertise behind it. It consists of two parts: a plastic or zinc cam and a steel or composite bolt that conduct the ‘fastening function’. Optional cover caps and dowels are also available. Häfele’s range of connectors includes minifix connectors, maxifix connectors, Slimfix connectors, pushfix connectors, Rafix connectors and honey comb panel connectors. These connectors are very robust with euro threading and machine threading which provide better grip to hold the panels.

Häfele also brings to you shelf supports which are available for wood as well as glass. These shelf supports are available in zinc alloy, plastic, steel and nickel plated finishes.

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Hinges and Flap Fittings

Häfele’s range of Furniture fittings offers you the flexibility of creating overhead cabinets with hinged doors that open sideways or flaps that open upwards – the objective is to provide utmost convenience and ease-of-use within the individual requirements of the customer.

Our range of furniture hinges for cabinet fronts offers a magnitude of possibilities with varying opening angles that cater to every possible application. This range also includes special hinges that can be used for aluminium profiled doors or glass doors giving you the flexibility to design your cabinets with your individual style. For applications that require added convenience and true ergonomics, our range of soft-closing damper hinges provide for an ideal solution. Häfele’s range of furniture hinges also offers you an exquisite range of BLUM hinges giving your cabinets the possibility of acquiring leading technologies like BLUMOTION (for smooth and silent self-closing doors) and TIP-ON (for handle-less cabinets that open-up at the slightest push from the hand).

For overhead applications that require innovative flaps that move away from your line of work, Häfele offers you an efficient range of flap-stay fittings including a highly sophisticated line of lift-systems from BLUM. The advantage of having flap fronts for overhead cabinets with Häfele fittings is that the flap opens out and then stays at any position you want it to – making way for an ergonomically enhanced experience.

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Locks and Locking Systems

Security is of utmost importance for most people. It has become crucial to equip establishments with the best security measures and hence a dire need for high quality locks and locking systems.

We at Häfele make sure you have the right cabinet locks to keep your valuables secure while keeping your furniture looking great. Häfele’s range of security solutions is strong and durable thereby bequeathing you with a true sense of quality and tranquility. These locks and locking systems are meticulously crafted with the finest materials and with the maximum attention to detail. Exceptional ease of mounting coupled with exemplary quality of designs makes this range highly attractive and sought after.

Häfele’s battery operated furniture locking system – DIALOCK enables users to control and manage a great range of applications electromagnetically. The innovative DIALOCK furniture locking system provides a completely wire free networked electronic locking solution with an assortment of smart features.

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Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium Profiles cater to the contemporary vogue of minimalistic aesthetics. Häfele offers a wide range of Aluminium Profiles to assist you in enhancing the appearance of your interiors. These profiles bestow the cabinet doors with a sleek elegant look. They are made from high quality Aluminium that conforms to the high set standards of excellence. These state-of-the-art profiles augment user friendliness and are extremely easy to install. The Aluminium profiles exploit an individual’s sense of sophistication by proposing exciting design potentials and seamless installation.

Häfele’s Range of Aluminium profiles includes profiles suitable for both glass as well as wood paneling. The aluminum profiles are attached by strong steel connectors which ensure a long-term sturdy joint connection.

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Bedroom Fittings and Accessories

The increasing incidents of space constraints and a growing desire to maintain a lavish lifestyle has modified the intrinsic needs of the customer when it comes to home interiors. Häfele’s Range of Bed Systems addresses this need of space-efficiency through its range of space-saving yet elegant bed systems. Our range includes different systems for different applications like Pratìk - a bed storage system; Aladino - an innovative vertical hide-away bed system and the Hidden Bed System – a space-efficient desk-cum-bed system.

The Pratìk Bed Lift Storage System is the answer to all storage needs; it is a smart solution for turning a cluttered master bedroom into a relaxing retreat. Pratìk allows for two types of elevation functions i.e. Horizontal Elevation Function and Complete Opening Function.

Hafele’s new hide-away bed system Aladino is designed specially keeping in mind the current Indian housing scenario. This hide-away bed system is the perfect way to add more usable living space to your room. Use the same room for sleeping at night and functional use during the day.

The Hidden Bed system by Hafele gives you the option of creating a study room and converting the same space into a bedroom at night. The seamless operation of this system gives you the option of using the desk for your study or work during the day and then converting it into a single or double bed at night without moving any of the objects from the desk.

Häfele also brings to you 3 fold sofa cum bed fittings: Remus & M6 Meratoile with sweet comfort and unmatched functionality. It is a great addition to a small room in your home. To complete this range, we also offer to you TV Lifts, Cabinet Lifts and swing up tables with unique functionalities.

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Wardrobe Fittings and Accessories

Häfele's range of wardrobe accessories provide world-class functionality and make every corner of the wardrobe easily accessible to the user - you need not get into the wardrobe; the wardrobe reaches out to you! Häfele’s wardrobe accessories offer effective utilization of wardrobe space, soft & silent closing, sensor lights in wardrobes and efficient internal cabinet systems.

Häfele's range of wardrobe accessories is divided into two broad categories they are available with soft closing & without soft closing. The range includes Wicker Pull-out, Trouser/Saree Pull-out, Pull-out Hanger, Pull-out Laundry Basket, Pull-out Shoe Holder, Corner Application, Tie & Belt Fittings, and Wardrobe Lift etc.

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Drawer Runners and Pull-out Cabinet Runners

Drawers provide added convenience by way of better accessibility and organization of contents within a cabinet. Häfele offers you a wide range of drawer runners that cater to varying load capacities as per your individual requirements. Through this range, we provide you the most preferred technologies worldwide in drawer systems such as ball-bearing runners and tandem motion runners. We also offer you the possibility of installing single-extension drawers or full-extension drawers depending on your specific need for accessibility.

A special mention counts for our range of TANDEM drawer systems by BLUM that come with the integrated BLUMOTION (soft-closing) technology for enhanced convenience in operation.

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